If you have ever downloaded files from the internet, you would have come across archive files.

There are so many different formats, such as .zip, .rar and .ace and even some strange sounding ones, like “tar” or “gz”.

The problem when you receive these files is how do you open all of them?


Now you have an easy choice as
FileSquasher unpacks them all.


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As files are rapidly growing in size, file compression has become an essential tool for every computer user as it makes a compressed version of the file that is considerably smaller than the original size.

As the overall file size is reduced, you can transmit your files faster over your internet connection, take up less space on your computer or become more transportable to suit your busy lifestyle.


Create Smaller Files. Some files can be squashed to 70% of their original size


Easy To Use
Zip / unzip files in a flash, access File Squasher with a right mouse click...


The basics behind File Compression...

Most files created by computers contain loads of redundant information. This is information that is repeated over and over again which takes up unnecessary space. FileSquasher users specially made algorithms to get rid of all this redundancy, so instead of having the same information listed over and over again, it is listed only once and referred back to if needed again.

The same applies when you use FileSquasher to 'unpack' a file. It simply resets all the redundant information back to it original state, creating a 'loss less' archive solution.

The best part is that FileSquasher has been makes all this happen behind the scenes. You simply need to point and click to compress your files. FileSquasher does the rest!


FileSquasher Reduces File Sizes by Up to 70%
Save extra disc space and share files easier...


Many companies charge you for 'special' programs just to open a couple of files types. But what happens when you come across a different one? You have to buy another special program...


Imagine a program that can deal with different file formats in 2 simple steps. Click on the file and unpack it.


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Ideal for emailing large files.
Pack multiple files together to save space.


Have you just been on a great trip and want to share your memories? Digital cameras are great, but the files can be large and sending them to people can take hours.

To save frustration from the person your are sharing your memories with, simply use FileSquasher to pack all your files together in one easy to send far smaller and compact file.

The person you just emailed simply clicks on the file and it automatically unpacks everything onto their computer, ready for them to view like normal.



Zip to email
Automatically zips files and adds them to your email..


Have Files You Must Keep Private?
File Squasher Uses the Same Encryption
the US Government Approves for Top Secret Files


With computers now mainstream everyone has private files that they don't want prying eyes to view. Be this bank statements, credit card numbers, passwords all those private files you can't let others see.

FileSquasher allows you to pack these together in one password secure file. You can even stop people from seeing what you have in your 'special file'. Even better you can take this private file with you and open it on another computer.

File Squasher uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). This encryption is so strong that the US Government has rated this as suitable for TOP SECRET information and national security systems.


100% FREE Updates
Never pay again. Always receive the latest updates for FREE...

File Squasher Advantages:

FileSquasher has been made with you in mind. It is easy to use yet powerful enough to perform a variety of different tasks. Whether you have just turned on your first computer, or are a computer expert, FileSquasher will suit all your needs. To give you some idea of the key benefits have a look at the features available right 'out of the box'

Make your files and folders secure from prying eyes...
Supports the 256-bit AES cipher encryption.
Encryption can be enabled for both files and directory structure.
Easily hide sensitive files from others....
You can hide filenames with a password lock
Just spent hours downloading a large file that does not work?
FileSquasher has the ability to unpack archives with corrupted filenames
Want to share your files with others?
Pack all your files together as a self-extracting archive.
So simple everyone can use it, unpack files in just 2 clicks,
Integration into Windows Explorer’s right click menu
Stop buying specialist programs, FileSquasher unpacks them all.
Packing / unpacking: ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, 7z and TAR
You can save storage space. By compressing large files can save up to 80 percent or more in hard disk space.
Send your emails quicker. A smaller sized file decreases email sending time.
Save on space in your mail account. If your mailbox has a space limit, you can store more as the email messages are smaller.
Send private messages safely. Simply encrypt the attachment and send it. Only a person with the correct password can open it.
Save a large file on multiple discs. If you have a large files that does not fit on one disc, simply use Disk Spanning and put them on a set of discs
Create files anyone can unpack. Use the self-extracting archive feature to create a .exe. Anyone can open it, even if they do not have File Squasher on their computer.
Never have outdated software again
All from the thriving Open Source Community, this software is forever changing
Know you have award winning software
Winner of the 2007 community choice awards for "Technical Design" and "Best Project"
No costly yearly subscriptions, never pay for updates again.
100% FREE Updates / Upgrades
Install FileSquasher on your work PC, your home PC, your parents PC...
This is a Multiple PC License
Works on all major PC's
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista

Imagine a software program that can pack / unpack all the leading file types. Imagine only having to pay once, no yearly renewals, no costly upgrades. This has not existed until now...


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100% FREE updates / upgrades. Never pay for an update again, Every update is always 100% free.

Don't you hate it, having to purchase a 'license' for a software program again and again and again. You already have so what is the need to pay for it?

This is why you only have to pay for FileSquasher once. From now onwards you will always receive the latest version 100% free.

Imagine in 10 years time, still using the latest and greatest version of FileSquasher. All for the one carzy low price...

Introducing File Squasher V4.6 the industry leading archive management tool you pay for once...


Award winning software
Winner of the 2007 community choice awards for "Technical Design" and "Best Project"


Minimum System Requirements
Win 95/Win 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Win10
550MHz CPU
32 MB Hard Drive Space


100% No Questions Asked 60 day money back guarantee

guaranteeWe are so confident that you will love this software that we offer a 100% no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.

That's right, we know you will love this software so much that you can try it 100% RISK FREE for up to 60 days.

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No shipping, no waiting. Purchase the download version now to gain instant access to FileSquasher, even if it is 2am...


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Just send us an email and we will refund 100% of your payment. Right up to the final day of this 60 day guarantee.


P.S. - Archive files are a here to stay, so make sure you have compression software that can unpack them all

P.P.S. - FileSquasher has been created with you, the end user, in mind. The simple and clean user interface will have you sending files like a pro in a matter of minutes.

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100% No Questions Asked 60 day money back guarantee

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